3 Simple Tools to Build Confidence

Even though I always knew I was talented, I often questioned whether I’d ever be happy or successful in life because I was so anxious and insecure. I often cried in the car after parties because I felt like I’d f***ed up so badly in my conversations.

I also had a hard time not doing things like eating directly from the Haagen-Daz coffee ice cream container for breakfast, which didn’t seem to portent great things for my future. Second guessing myself internally at every turn made my inner world a living hell.

And the worst part, because I didn’t have the confidence to be myself—I felt horribly lonely because no one had the chance to actually love me for me. Many people abandoned me during those years, mostly because I had abandoned myself.

Turning that all around is what I consider one of my greatest life accomplishments. It’s allowed me to create such an amazing life, and most of all, to really love people and myself. So every time I see someone struggling with confidence, my heart totally goes out to them. I’ve been there….I know how much it sucks…and of course I still struggle with it sometimes, too…

A lot of you have written to me asking about how to be more confident…

So in this video I’m going to share with you my top 3 tools for creating confidence in your life. Check them out below.

A Sensual Yoga Practice for Goddesses

This video is a response to one of the biggest requests I get: “What is something I can do every day to love myself and feel good in my body?”

Voila! I made you a Sensual Yoga practice for women that you can do every morning. It’s 10 minutes long and it’s ahhh-may-zing. How do I know? ‘Cause I loved it so much I’ve been doing it in the morning myself and it really makes me feel fantastic.

Take 10 minutes and really give yourself a treat – and then let me know how you feel in the comments section below.

How to Deal with Jealousy and Anger in a Healthy Way

I get really jealous.

I get really angry.

It can be hard sometimes not to want to push those feelings away and be a perfect rainbow flavored sparkle light of joy all the time.

Haha, I wish. But let’s get real. Everyone gets pissed off and jealous at times.

And if I don’t own it, feel it and then let it go, I end up depressed. Owning my emotions (especially the harder ones to deal with), feeling them and then letting them go makes me feel way more alive than trying to fight them.

The powerful 3 step process that I’m sharing with you this week was Andrew’s idea. He watched me lead it on a call, screaming and bashing pillows, so it was hard to look away…

…and found it so useful that he wanted me to share it with you in a video. It not only helps you see what parts of your jealousy and anger are yours to own but which parts (if any) are caused by whoever you’re angry at. This is a process for feeling your emotions, owning them, and…the most important part, letting them go.

If you’re struggling with any difficult emotions right now, or you find yourself blaming people in your life for situations, this practice is incredibly useful. I’ve found that it’s really changed my life. Try the powerful process for yourself below.